About Fordham Sports

Fordham Sports was established over 30 years ago by its founder the late John Fordham. We are still a family run sports equipment specialist in South London with a good range of cricket, rugby and hockey equipment, clothing and accessories. We are passionate about what we do and take pride in helping each and every customer to make the right decisions. Our bat repair and refurbishment services then ensure that your equipment has a longer life.

Why Fordham Sports?

We know that our customers have a choice as to where to shop and so we constantly strive to ensure that we offer the finest products, a good range and the highest standards of customer service. The huge array of sporting equipment now available can be mind boggling, especially for beginners in any sport. There is so much information and technical data to consider but we believe that our tailored service distinguishes us from the rest and enables our team to identify the ideal equipment for our customers. Our professional team will provide expert fitting advice to ensure that all equipment is comfortable and safe which is particularly crucial for junior players. Here are just a few reasons why Fordham Sports have stayed ahead of the game:

  • We are cricket, rugby and hockey specialists
  • We provide expert fitting advice for your peace of mind
  • We hand-pick every cricket bat in our quest for the finest willow
  • Our knocking-in service for cricket bats is unique
  • Our expert repair and refurbishment service prolongs the life of your cricket bat

As no two cricket bats are the same Fordham Sports pride ourselves that all our bats are handpicked, ensuring the highest quality possible. We reject bats that are not the grade they are meant to be, giving our customers peace of mind when buying a bat online or instore.

All products on our website are in stock, as they would come directly from our store. Some companies do not hold stock and wait for their online orders to mount up before ordering items from manufacturers or a third party. This results in delayed delivery to you, even though you have made payment with them.

Online order frustration is eliminated with Fordham Sports, as all products can be received within 24 or 48 hrs by you, if orders are made before 2pm, 24 hr orders made Mon - Thurs and 48 hrs orders made Mon - Wed. 24 hr orders made on Fridays after 2pm and 48 hr orders made on Thursdays after 2pm as well as all orders made over weekends will be sent out on Mondays and delivered on Tuesdays. The only exception is cricket bats if our recommended 7 - 10 day professional knocking in service is chosen by you, due to the bats oiling and knocking in process.

Special order requirements and delivery instructions can be made on all orders. Please feel free to contact us with any enquiries at fordham@fordhamsports.co.uk

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Directions to Fordham Sports

By Car

We are located just north-east of Kingston-upon-Thames, 200 yards from the Robin Hood roundabout on the northbound carriageway of the A3, just 20 minutes from junction 10 of the M25. Parking is available in front of our shop.

By Train

Alight at Kingston-upon-Thames, or Putney. Then take the bus. (85 from both Kingston and Putney, 265 from Putney.)

By London Underground

Alight at Putney Bridge on the District line. Then get the 265 or 85 bus.

By Bus

The number 85 runs between Putney Bridge tube station and Kingston. (Vale Parade Lane Stop). The number 265 runs between Putney Bridge tube station and Tolworth. (Grasmere Avenue Stop). The K3 runs from Esher to Roehampton Vale. (Grasmere Avenue Stop)