Cricket bats

Cricket Bats

Whether you are new to the game or you are an experienced player the choice of cricket bats can be bewildering and the quality of a cricket bat can vary dramatically. Playing with the wrong bat can seriously impede your performance and technique. So how do you find the perfect bat for your game? At Fordham Sports we have up to 2000 bats available and every one of them has been hand-picked, many from the factories directly by our experts from the manufacturer’s best available stock. With our knowledge and experience we are confident of finding the right bat for you.

Choosing the Right Cricket Bat

Even with cricket bats of the same model the quality of the willow can vary considerably. Our experts spend every winter carefully selecting our bats, when the manufacturers have their highest stock, choosing the very best quality available on the market. They select from - Gray Nicolls, Gunn and Moore, Kookaburra, Newbery, Salix, Spartan, Chase, Hunts County, Dukes, New Balance, Puma and CA - providing up to 2000 hand-picked cricket bats. Whether you choose your bat in store or right here online you can be assured of the finest bat for your budget.


Cricket bats are manufactured from 4 different grades of willow from coated to a Grade 1 natural finish. The higher the quality the wood is, the better the driving performance but the more expensive it becomes. So you must decide which grade of willow your game demands. Cricket bats also vary in weight dramatically. Heavier weighted bats are suitable for big hitters but can restrict play as they are harder to manoeuvre. Most players prefer medium to light weighted bats as they allow a more all round game. Adult bats are available with short or long handles. Most players will fare better with the manoeuvrability of the short handle but taller players may require the long handle in order to adopt correct stance. Junior bats are supplied in 8 different sizes. Please see our Junior Cricket page for further details.


Your chosen bat will require knocking-in before you can use it. This is an important process of compressing the fibres on the playing area of the bat, with particular attention paid to the vulnerable areas (edges and toes). A strong outer layer is created in order to withstand the impact of a cricket ball. Knocking in is essential to prolong the life of the bat but is a lengthy process if performed manually. At Fordham Sports we have unique machinery that will do the work for you and you can add this service to your order when purchasing your bat in store or online.

Cricket Bat Care, Repair and Refurbishment

Your new bat will require the application of at least two coats of oil before use, but this treatment is included in our knocking-in service for your convenience as is the fitting of a protective face to guard against wear and tear. Your bat will then require one coat of oil every six months thereafter and we recommend a general refurbishment once a year. Any cracks or splits to the bat should be repaired at the earliest opportunity to prevent more severe damage.


Always store your bat away from direct sunlight and in a moderate temperature. Avoid moisture penetrating the toe of the bat as this can cause it to swell and split. If you do get swelling then the bat will need to be dried out thoroughly before it can be repaired. Our expert in-house repair and refurbishment services are available all year round.

The right cricket bat will serve you well and improve your game. With our huge selection of hand-picked bats from the worlds best brands you can improve your batting average with Fordham Sports.
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