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Cricket Shop

At Fordham Sports we have specialised in cricket bats, equipment, clothing, and accessories since 1984. Our unrivalled range is carefully chosen from the brands you can trust and backed by our expert staff and specialist services including cricket bat knocking in, bat repair and refurbishment. Whether you are a junior, an adult beginner or an experienced player we have everything you need to meet your cricketing needs, keep you safe, so you can concentrate on improving your game.

Cricket Equipment and Clothing

Every cricketer is unique but with up to 2000 cricket bats in stock we are sure to have the right bat to suit you, your skills and your playing ability. Every cricket bat at Fordham Sports has been inspected and hand-picked by our experts because the quality of the willow varies dramatically. With the finest bats selected from Gray Nicolls, Gunn and Moore, Slazenger, Newbery, Kookaburra, Salix, Puma, Dukes, Spartan, Chase, Adidas and Hunts County we guarantee the best bats available.

Our comprehensive collection of bats is backed by the finest range of cricket balls, helmets, leg guards (pads), gloves, wicket keeping gloves and kit bags that you will find anywhere. We also feature the accessories you need including supports, briefs, abdominal guards, shin guards, inners and sweat bands. Our clothing range brings you shirts, trousers, sweaters, footwear and base layers. We haven't forgotten the hard working scorers and officials either and have everything they need to organise and score the match.

Preparing and Repairing Your Cricket Bat

Your brand new cricket bat will require knocking-in. Knocking-in is the important process of compressing the fibres of the bat in the area where you expect to strike the ball. Knocking-in creates a durable outer layer that can withstand repeated strikes whilst leaving a softer, springy layer of wood beneath. The process is essential to prolong the life of any bat and, if done manually, is a laborious task of repeatedly hitting the bat with a special bat knocking in mallet. Happily we can present your bat to you ready for play. We have unique machinery that will do the work for you and our superlative service also includes the application of two coats of oil. The edges of a bat are pressed by our specially designed bat press, whilst the playing area is hammered by our bespoke knocking in machine. To complete the process we apply a protective face and edge tape to reduce future wear. You can add our knocking-in service to your bat purchase both in store and online.

Your cricket bat works hard for you and will benefit from an end of season refurbishment, it may also from time to time require repair. We have an expert team at Fordham Sports to take professional care of your cricket bat. Our service is available year round for a reasonable charge and we can also reface wicket keeping gloves.
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