Grays GR7000 Ultrabow Hockey Stick (2018)

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Grays GR7000 Ultrabow Hockey Stick


High power rating whilst maintaining a soft feel.

Graphene offers unique combination of powerful energy transfer and shock absorbing properties.

Ultrabow blade profile ideal for developing core skills and striking the ball.

Shape: Ultrabow

The least extreme model, which features a classic profile and gentle sweeping curve. The micro headshape and thin toe make this shape ideal for general play and simple 3D skills.

Suitable for:

Combinations of general play and simple 3D skills

Controlled passing, receiving, and shooting

Curve: 22 @ 300 mm

Head: Micro

50° angle, Modern shape for 3D skills

Power Rating: High

Feel Rating: High

Weight: 530-550g

Balance: 38-39

Composition: Graphene, Carbon, Aramid

Carbon: Twill + UD

Playing Level: International

Grip: Twintex

Face: IFA

Improved Feel Area: A special combination of shock-absorbing aramid and fibreglass softens thefirst touch of the ball, while a textured surface helps grip the ball.

Handle: ERH

Energy Reduction Handle: A moulded rubber sleeve reduces the vibrational energy.

Heel: CHP

Carbon Heel Protection: Mid-level heel protection featuring carbon and aramid.

LBZ: (Low Backhand Zone): PEP

Pro Edge Protection: An advanced formulation of impact-resistant materials and resin formulation, to help improve the longevity of the backhand edge.

Graphene is exceptionally strong and light, and has been precisely combined with the highly successful GX composition to forge the GR technology. By combining Graphene into the composite matrix, players will have all the durability and playability of GX technology, with extra power and feel from Graphene. Sticks in the GR range offer exceptional feel, power and playability.

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