Hockey sticks

Hockey Sticks

At Fordham Sports you will have discovered a vast range of hockey sticks for both juniors and adults that have been chosen by our expert team from the world's finest brands including Kookaburra, TK and Grays. In recent times technological developments and the need to adapt to artificial playing surfaces has led to the production of diverse sticks to suit different skill sets, styles and budgets. With so many fine implements to choose from, how do you know which hockey stick is the right one for you?

The Rules

Hockey sticks can be fashioned from any non-metallic material that is not dangerous. They may weigh up to 737 grams and produce a ball speed after impact of no more than 98% of the stick speed. The shaft must be able to pass through a ring with a 51mm diameter and any curvature must be continuous, is restricted to 25mm and can be on the face side or back of the stick but not both. Sticks may be of any length.


Hockey sticks are made from wood or composite materials which feature carbon fibre, Aramid (Kevlar) and fibreglass. Wooden sticks (usually maple) are often cheaper and so suit restricted budgets. They also offer a softer feel for greater control but are prone to damage from wear and tear and moisture retention. Wood also varies in density and moisture content and this can lead to discrepancies in the performance of what appear to be identical sticks. Composite sticks are more consistent and durable. They are more powerful in relation to their weight and have larger sweet spots for power and accuracy but offer reduced feel. The carbon content of the stick dictates its stiffness and therefore the power that is generated but the stiffer the stick, the greater the reduction in feel.


Adult hockey sticks are generally between 36 inches and 38.5 inches in length although longer styles are available. Your primary consideration is how comfortable you feel and whether your body interferes with the control of the implement. Also consider if you are bending so low as to disrupt your vision of the field of play or are in danger of inducing back trouble. Finally remember that the longer the stick you can use the greater the head speed and power you can generate. The best stick for you is the longest one that feels comfortable for you whilst still maintaining feel and accuracy.


If your stick is too heavy you will lose control and waste energy. Your choice may also depend on what position you play on the field. Defenders require more power and must make stronger tackles and so may require a heavier stick whereas attackers have a greater need for control and manoeuvrability and so may benefit from a lighter stick. As a general rule, if in doubt, go for a lighter stick.

Head Size

There are three principle head sizes to choose from, the shorti head, the Maxi head and the hook head. The shorti head has a small surface area for ball control but is excellent for fast dribbling. The maxi head offers a larger hitting area and sweet spot for increased power and gives the ability to trap the ball between the toe of the head and the shaft. This is useful for dragging the ball if you are a taker of short corners. The maxi head has now been almost universally adopted and is used by some 95% of top players. The hook head is a good choice for those who play in an upright position and is used by some forwards who have to pass and receive at great pace as it allows them to remain upright and continue moving at maximum speed.

Shaft Bow

The bow is the degree of curvature of the stick. A significant bow can generate greater speed if used with the right playing technique by creating a slingshot effect and provides increased control of an incoming ball by reducing its tendency to travel up the stick. Increased bow can, however, induce more loft on the ball when it is struck and with the stick parallel to the ground, a tendency for the ball to veer to the left. These issues can be overcome by modifying your technique but if you are a beginner you may feel more comfortable with a stick that has a smaller bow.

There are many factors to weigh up but the right hockey stick is here waiting for you at Fordham Sports and at a favourable price. If you have any questions about the sticks in our range then please do speak to our friendly team who will be happy to help you make your choice.

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