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Junior Hockey Sticks

At Fordham Sports you will discover a vast range of junior hockey sticks that have been chosen by our expert team from the world's finest brands including Kookaburra, TK, Grays and Adidas. In recent times technological developments and the need to adapt to artificial playing surfaces has led to the production of diverse sticks to suit different skill sets, styles and budgets. With so many sizes and models of junior hockey sticks to choose from it can be difficult to decide. At Fordham Sports we can guide you on which sticks are appropriate for your child.

Junior Sizing

It is of great importance to select the right length of stick for a junior player so that they can develop the right skills and perform them correctly and comfortably. Junior hockey sticks lengths start at 26 inches and go up to 35.5 inches. In general the child’s height will determine what length of stick they require. There are a couple of methods to help select the right length of stick. They can stand up straight and place the head of the hockey stick on the ground and the top of the handle should come up to their hip bone. Another way is for them to stand up straight and place the head of the stick in their arm pit and find the stick that reaches to their knee cap. If you are ordering online from our website you could measure these lengths on them in inches with a tape measure to get a good idea of which length of stick they require.


Hockey sticks are made from wood or composite materials which feature carbon fibre, Aramid (Kevlar) and fibreglass. Wooden sticks (usually maple) are often cheaper and so suit restricted budgets. They also offer a softer feel for greater control but are prone to damage from wear and tear and moisture retention. Wood also varies in density and moisture content and this can lead to discrepancies in the performance of what appear to be identical sticks. Composite sticks are more consistent and durable. They are more powerful in relation to their weight and have larger sweet spots for power and accuracy but offer reduced feel. The carbon content of the stick dictates its stiffness and therefore the power that is generated but the stiffer the stick, the greater the reduction in feel.


Composite hockey sticks are lighter than wooden hockey sticks so we stock a wider range of Composite than wooden sticks at Fordham Sports. Wooden sticks trend to be cheaper but if a stick is too heavy for a child this could cause them to lose control and waste energy. Composite sticks being lighter in general offer better control and manoeuvrability which is important while a junior player is developing technique.

As there are many factors to weigh up when finding the right hockey stick for your child, at Fordham Sports we can advise you which is the right size and model of hockey stick at a price you are happy with. If you have any questions about the sticks in our range then please do speak to our friendly staff, who will be happy to help.

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