Knocking-In Your Cricket Bat

Knocking-in is the term given to the important process of compressing the fibres on the area of a cricket bat where one would expect to hit the ball. This process creates a strong outer layer that will withstand the impact of a cricket ball whilst leaving softer, springy wood beneath. Knocking-in is essential to prolong the life of a bat but it is a lengthy process if done manually.

We have unique machinery to do the work for you. Our service includes applying two coats of oil, treating the edges of the bat using our bespoke hammering and press machinery, and applying a protective face to reduce wear and tear. When you receive your bat it is ready for play! You can add our knocking-in service to your order both in store and online.

Cricket Bat Care, Repair and Refurbishment

Your new bat will require the application of at least two coats of oil before use, but this treatment is included in our knocking-in service for your convenience as is the fitting of a protective face to guard against wear and tear. Your bat will then require one coat of oil every six months thereafter and we recommend a general refurbishment once a year. Any cracks or splits to the bat should be repaired at the earliest opportunity to prevent more severe damage.

Always store your bat away from direct sunlight and in a moderate temperature. Avoid moisture penetrating the toe of the bat as this can cause it to swell and split. If you do get swelling then the bat will need to be dried out thoroughly before it can be repaired. Our expert in-house repair and refurbishment services are available all year round, which also includes Cricket Bat Lightening, Re-handling and Wicket Keeping Glove Refacing.


Bats not bought from Fordham Sports:
£40.00 for Senior
£30.00 for Junior

Bats from Fordham Sports:
£30.00 for Senior
£25.00 for Junior

Toe Guard and Fitting:
£10 Toe Wrap
£7.50 Toe Guard

£1.50 Grip fitting

£30 Refurbishment (every winter, you need to oil in summer)
£35 Re-Handling
£25 Weight reduction (up to 3oz)